Copywriter and Content Marketing


Copywriting is the art and science of persuading people to take an action through the power of words. The words could be on a website, a social media post, an email, a flyer. It could be a slogan, a headline, or a full length blog post, an article, a white paper.

Although a picture tells a thousand words, are they the right words to convey your message? Does it convey your message in a tone that is appropriate to your brand. However pretty your pictures and however clever your design, it is the words that will persuade your reader to take the desired action.

Various studies show that we are bombarded by thousands of marketing messages a day to the point that we no longer notice them. We see it on billboards, newspapers, the flyers put through our doors. Then we go online and we see it on our email inboxes, on our social media, adverts, banners. The job of the copywriter is to make your words stand out above the noise.


Content Marketing has a slightly different aim. It is to provide entertaining or educating content to your audience. Done properly it will establish you as an expert in your field. It persuades your audience that you are the go-to person to solve their particular problem. It is attraction marketing. Instead of you going to your prospect, your prospect comes to you because they want to buy your goods and services.

Your content should help to build a relationship with your prospect. 


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