I have picked up a few skills and experiences over the years and from time to time utiltise these to help other businesses.

I have had a number of years in education management, from Nursery School to Primary School to English Language School. At London Meridian College, I oversaw several successful British Council inspections and ISI inspections. Our ISI inspection was particularly successful with the college being rated as exceeding expectations in all three areas inspected, one of of only a handful of college nationwide to achieve this accolade.

And of course there is OFSTED: I have gone through Ofsted inspections with a Nursery School and Primary School.

While I continue to advise a Nursery School, I spend most of my time helping businesses with their copywriting and digital marketing, including social media. I am particularly enthusiastic about Linked In, posting most days and engaging regularly. 

Linked In is a form of online networking and I do a lot of offline networking

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Copywriting and Content Marketing

Perfect marketing is putting the right message to the right person at the right time. The message, time of delivery and identity of receiver may change from business to business, but essentially that formula is what I work on when I advise local businesses on their marketing. It is usually Nurseries and Lawyers, two very different markets, who will ask me for assistance.

The changing demographic in Hackney has meant that Nurseries now must compete for children in a way that they have never had to.

This has meant that we have had to completely revise our marketing strategy to include building a new website, looking at social media for the first time and hosting community events.

An area in which I excel is promoting oneself on Linked In, producing interesting content consistently, commenting and sharing the content of others, and generally building better engagement. 




It can be hard for Solo Entrepreneurs or those running a small business to take a vacation. Can you really switch off?

I have developed a range of working holidays, or worcations for people who want to get away and yet also continue working. The focus on these worcations is very much on the work, and less on the vacation : you will want to be able to claim the expense back against your profits.

  • Step away from your usual working environment. You will get so much more done and in the time you save, you will be free to spend some quality “down time”. There is not much of it, so don’t waste it”.
  • You are not going alone, but with a group of like minded people. This will be a perfect time to network and perhaps to collaborate, making new connections and opening new possibilities. What could you add to a group?


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