What would it mean to you and your business if

  • You knew exactly where your business was and you had a clear road map to take you where you wanted to go?
  • You felt confident that your business was built on strong foundations, and you personally had the resilience to “get tough when the going got tough”
  • You had a written business plan in which you had total confidence
  • You knew exactly what to say to your next prospect to get their business
  • You had a written marketing plan aligned to your business goals
  • You had a built in network helping you acquire new business and becoming more and more visible. 


Have you ever been on a course and thought “Wow, that’s good. I’ve really learned alot.”

Then gone back to your office, and started to catch up with the work that you missed the day before while you were on the course, and not implemented what you have learned?

Or felt that you would like to have covered more on the course?

Or that it was usefully generic, but did not really apply to your business?

If you want to really learn something, like a new language or a sport or how to run a business, the best way is to fully immerse yourself in it.

Why not come away with us on one of our Worcations? You are not going to be working while on holiday or holidaying while you are working.

You are coming away to work so we can work with you on your business.


When did you last think about your mindset?

Are you focused on why you are going to fail or on why you are going to succeed? 

When the going gets tough, are you tough enough to keep going? 

Can you see your success in front of you? 


Business Clarity

What is your Why?

How will you know when you are successful?

What are your business goals?

How do you write a good business plan?

How do you get the right customers ?


Business Visibility

Does your business stand out from the crowd? 

Why should I buy from you? 

What is your USP?   And what about your URP?

What does your website say about you?

What does your social media say about you? 


The answers to these questions are key to your business success


You know the statistics: many businesses fail in their first year, as many in the first three years. What is the difference between those that succeed and those that fail?

Mindset, clarity and visibility.

Three simple words, but three difficult concepts to learn, and even harder to learn on your own.

So why not come away with us on one of our WORCATIONS and we will work with you to really nail down everything you need to succeed. We will be a small group of like minded people with similar aims and problems. The group is big enough to get the full benefits of collaborating together, but small enough to enable our experts to work with you individually.

 Ever thought that what you are learning from others does not apply to your business? You will not be saying that on our worcation because you have an experienced mentor working with you to make sure that your business is on the right track. You’ve also got the rest of the group working with you to help you get there.

And you are doing the same, helping others in the group work out the solutions to their problems.